Average of 8 years’ experience

clinical, functional, creative, digital and technical specialists with strong online expertise

We are a digital transformation company offering Patient Experience Solution, Healthcare Professionals Connect, Process Optimization, Product and Services Marketing digitization and e-Learning solution.

We are team of passionate healthcare experts, writers, designer, technology professionals and marketers offering medically accurate content, usable design and latest technologies for digital transformation.

Team Expertise

  • Medical Writers and Editors - Content development
  • Design and development
  • Technology Development
  • QC
  • Support
  • Strategy
  • Business Analysts
  • Digital Media Specialist

On top of the above we have strong member pool of collaborative consultants and SMEs (Subject Matter Expertise) who work on project-to-project basis. They are not employed or our full time consultants.

Our Values

Freedom at work
Freedom at work:

We believe that mere delivery of quality work and meeting deadlines is not the only priority. It does matter how employees feel while at work. Create, Work, Discuss, Eat, Enjoy, Relax! No matter what you do, you have true creative independence at work. That is what rejuvenates your spirit to blend your passion into your work and deliver the best.

Motivate, innovate, & compete
Motivate, innovate, & compete:

Constant motivation.....continuous innovation............ever growing healthy competition......! We do our best to inculcate these qualities in our employees to adapt to the ever changing work environment.

Passion driven work culture
Passion driven work culture:

Most failures happen not just because of the lack of hard work, but because of the lack of passion for the work done. Our employees are those who are not only passionate towards their work but also spread and share it.

Uniform credibility
Uniform credibility:

Every employee being a part of our company has uniform credibility. They are rewarded and appraised for their credibility and performance.

Positive spirits
Positive spirits:

Optimism exists in everyone. We make you discover these positive spirits with in you.

Energy cum tranquility
Energy cum tranquility:

We spread positive energy among our employees at work . The tranquility that we create within our work environment in strongly felt by one and all.

Business Values

  • Customer centric quality output

    Every business revolves around the Customer who demands Quality and a Great experience.

    In today's world Customer's experience is ever changing. So, we understand, analyze and implement our business in tune with customer's perspective in a best practical way

  • Transparency

    We perform, deliver and execute every business activity with transparency in every aspect.

  • Professionalism

    Our professionalism is evident in every business activity we undertake. Performing with dedication and commitment anytime and in any circumstance is our motto.