Patients and Caregivers are connected in social media to understand diagnosis and treatments, they are researching about medicines and therapies for themselves and their family. Social media is helping patients and their caregivers to address concerns: they are understanding drugs effects, how to deal with stress of chronic conditions and finding specialist for second opinions.

Digital media is helping to improve wellness: people are learning about their diet, supplements and workouts. People are joining support groups and exchanging information and focusing on preventative health activities. Importantly, digital transformation is making health easier to manage by identifying product and services online, getting treatments alerts, drug reminders and seeking support.

IMC offers digital transformation services for Pharma and Biotech companies to educate, market, connect with patient/ customers, physician, healthcare professionals, conduct clinical trials and social listening for their R&D using online and social media platforms.

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We use social media platform to effectively communicate with your customers and consumers by sharing current clinical updates, press releases on new drugs or devices, results of your clinical study and updates. We have extensively used social media platform to run health and wellness campaign to connect with patient and their care givers.

Clinical trials

IMC digital transformation solution helps pharma and biotech companies to speedup clinical trial enrollment process. We digital solution and social media outreach helps client’s in 40% reduction of recruitment time and supported sites in achieving their enrollment targets. We use social media and analytics to support CRO/SMO to speed up their enrollment and help investigators to achieve their enrollment goals in lesser time with minimal expense thus faster marketing of drug.

Social listening for innovation

IMC’s social media expert use social listening to help pharma and biotech companies to focus on their R&D efforts towards innovation. We help developing a social media plan towards social listening and analysis by being watchful on competitor’s pipeline and clinical research updates.

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Customers/Patients connect. IMC helps

building community engagement digital platform which shares unbiased patient education information with forums, support groups and communities. The digital moderator help liked-minded patients to connect and exchange dialogues related to any particular treatment, procedure, hospitals, doctors etc.

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We help pharma and biotech companies building web platform on disease-specific educational information with rich medical accurate content meeting international health literacy standards. Disease-specific educational information helps patient to understand their disease, communicate with their healthcare providers better and helps them to take informed decisions.

Physician/ Doctor connect

We have helped pharma and bio tech companies to conduct Twittinars (Twitter chats). Using Twitter platform physician-customers exchange dialogue and physician (pharma representative) – physician (practicing) dialogue. We use online and social media platform to share the clinical and drug updates by pharma company’s researchers and KOL’s engage physicians worldwide.

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