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University Of Massachusetts hired IMC research services to conduct a Knowledge Management Survey to understand the process of information integration within organizations. In order to get the best results out of the survey, it was essential to get first hand knowledge from people (CXO's & Directors.) who are actually managing the flow of information. InfocusRx as the India knowledge partner of the University, played a major role in making the survey conclusive. The research results provided vital information on the ways firms should handle the received information for performance enhancement.

  • Knowledge Partner
  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Report Writing
  • Insights Report


  • Industry insights
  • Report Writing

PEMFCs-also known as polymer electrolyte membrane, solid polymer electrolyte and polymer electrolyte fuel has gained momentum over the past few years over the traditional fuel cells. PEMFCs are used as alternatives in automotive applications, portable applications and small domestic applications, suchrechargeable batteries. The project scope included the study of the Indian market in determining Opportunities and Challenges for PEM Fuel Cells. The report prepared by IMC not only provided an Industrial insight but also covered several other sections

such as application, challenges, opportunities in automobile sector, technology & growth roadmap thereby showcasing the true picture to the manufactures.

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