Population Health Messaging can help you engage your customers through simple and meaningful interactions. Population Health Messaging is designed to help hospitals proactively engage their patients using timely, tailored, and targeted health messages, to help them stay healthy by adhering to recommended preventive care services.

How we do it ?
  • Step- 1 : Population Analysis report showcases the patient groups having common diseases
  • Step -2 : For each patient, a customized health profile is created and a message is crafted. Highly engaging messages are customized according to the gender, age, family status, and medical history of recipients, and are based on insights derived from population analytics tools.
  • Step-3 : Alerts and reminder service sends tailored messages to consumers about their healthcare through print, email, and SMS text message delivery channels based on clinical guidelines
  • Message topics on preventive care
  • Customized branding on all communications
  • Print, email, and SMS text message delivery channels
  • Triggered messages based on clinical guidelines specific to countr
  • Targets and tailors messages based on demographic profiles
  • Improves patient engagement and loyalty with consistent, relevant communications
  • Reduces readmissions by encouraging patients to take control of their care

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