AnswersMedia was seeking content writing support for patient education portal. The portal is supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). It provides medically accurate doctor- reviewed health information.

AnswersMedia partnered with IMC to draft a comprehensive informative content on disease conditions ;family health - child health ,teen health, men health, women health, seniors health, sexual health, tests, procedures, drugs, supplements, herbs; wellness-pregnancy, care during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, newborn care, childcare, food & nutrition; beauty-anti-ageing-cosmetic surgeries, hair care, skin care, spa salon; fitness - exercise, yoga, weight loss, weight gain, stress management, addictions and health news.

  • Medically accurate content development


AnswersMedia team was looking for quick turnaround time and quality content meeting international health literacy standard. IMC was able to support US editorial team with medical accurate health information meeting AAFP style guide with all relevant references for editorial and medical doctors review. IMC's platform helped to onboard and train quality medical writers required for this project and successfully completed the project in 1600 medical writer's hours including review and editing of the portal information.

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