Madhavbaug is India's leading chain of cardiac care clinics and hospitals headquartered in Mumbai, India. Founded in 2006 with a vision to reduce the mortality and morbidity due to heart disease and lifestyle

Challenge : To conceptualise, design and develop e-learning courseware to get change persons behavior and of those surrounding them. The training program content was focused on improving maternal and child nutrition. Importantly to bring awareness among the care giver, community mem disorders, Madhavbaug has established a strong foothold in non-invasive cardiac care with 194 clinics and 2 hospitals.

Madhavbaug as a brand is known for its de-novo concepts for treating the cardiac disorder with the base of ayurvedic principles and assistance of modern diagnostic tools. Thus, it is of atmost importance that each and every clinical professional/ doctor associated with Madhavbaug , gets his/her Madhavbaug approach very clear.

The delivery included the online training module with level-3 interactivity covering the following:

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
  • Cardiovascular Clinical Examination
  • About Diseases
    • Chronic Heart Failure
    • Ischemic Heart Disease
    • Diabetes
  • ECG and its interpretation
  • Stress Test and Stress ECG with its interpretation
    • Madhavbaug approach in treating Cardiovascular disorders
  • Madhavbaug Medicines and kits
    • Treatments offered with its Sales Communication
    • Diet
  • Clinic Management System

The doctors after undergoing online induction program joins 5-day residential Practical induction where they get hands on training of Physical examination, Stress Testing Emergency Management, Disease Investigation and patient communication. Finally, the doctors join health camps organized by Learning and Development team under supervision of expert doctor's team.


IMC conceptualized, design and developed e-learning module for physician's education (B.A.M.S) to enhance their knowledge of the modern day of medical practices and Madhavbaud approach. The training module helped physicians to attain all necessary knowledge the improve their clinical practice and constant knowledge transfer through learning portal and its assessment.

The training modules was design and developed by health professionals having necessary subject matter expertise using interactive authoring multimedia tools and adaptive quizzing technique for assessment to track their learning progress.

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