CallHealth is a leading HealthTech company offering healthcare services such as Doctor Consultations, Medicines Delivery, Diagnostic Tests, Nursing Care and Physiotherapy to the doorstep of the customer offered by dedicated team of specialists and trained medical health officers. The team consists of medical and dental doctors, trained nurses and experienced physiotherapists to deliver care at customer's home using mobile app/ web portal.

  • CallHealth wanted to standardize learning and development of its Healthcare Professional Team including doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to deliver uniform service quality.


IMC offered blended learning by developing standardized training modules with level-3 interactive content with video demonstration by the expert followed by adaptive quizzing assessment in dental, physiotherapy and nursing domain. The project scope included interviewing, development of propriety training content across the domain, story boarding, module development and video production of demonstration.

The solution included development of a cloud- based Moodle LMS- Learning Management System which will allow doctors, nurses and physiotherapists of CallHealth team to authenticate themselves, register for the training program, undergo the training and taking up the assessment for learning outcomes.

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